Non-Humans First comrades in Russia, Alliance For Animals, Invade Moo-Moo restaurant.

Here is the report from our Russian friends Alliance For Animals:

In the evening on 25th of June a group of young fans of Moo-Moo restaurant chain decided to take part in company’s contest «Go Meat Eater». One of the conditions of this contest is to «put the photo of you and your favourite meat dish from Moo-Moo menu on the internet».

We did our best to become true meat eaters, that’s why in addition to Moo-Moo dishes we took some meat with us along with a whole head of a pig and planned to make brutal bloodful feast to prove we are real predators and thus get adorable t-shirts of the contest.

However we were quickly approached by the security and managers of the cafe, who started to scream and humilate us. Furthermore they called the police and held us as hostages until the officers came.

We are deeply indigant at this behavior of Moo-Moo represantatives and claim for official explanations concerning this incident. Why arrange the contest for the best meat eater if they are not ready to provide the conditions for the normal participation of competitors? What are these cheap hypocrisy and ignorant treatment of customers for?

Dear marketologists of Moo-Moo, you should either take the cross off your neck or put your underpants on!

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